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When local Brisbane dweller Darcie

isn’t busy with her bands,

she’s diving into an existentialist hole

through art. 

Darcie’s practice navigates

the corners of one’s brain through a

creative space, expressing emotions and

reflecting on poignant aspects

of change, identity, and nostalgia.

The artist works collaboratively with materials,

relying on an intuitive process to create.


Darcie works with mediums including paint, pencil, digital, collage and video.

Through these means, Darcie investigates the human condition, social constructs,

and draws parallels between the personal and collective experience.

This occurs through the phlegmatic and sometimes downright

pessimistic lens of a 22-year-old Valley rat.

Darcie’s practice covers design work,

creating anything in the vein of visual imagery for bands

including Semantics, Annoying Neighbours, Grim Richard, The Buzzing Towers, The Melancholiac, Jane Street and Verum to name a few.

While diverse in medium and medias, the artists practice is always

grounded by the pursuit for authentic self-expression.

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